QuickBooksTM Integration. 

RouteStar seamlessly ties into QuickBooks Desktop
& QuickBooks Online.

RouteStar Solutions works with QuickBooks Pro, Premium and Enterprise Online.
To connect with QuickBooks Desktop, RouteStar uses QuickBooks Web Connector.


Stay in control of your QuickBooks syncs.

Access the QuickBooks Dashboard while in RouteStar to quickly view: 

  • Everything pending to go to QuickBooks
  • Any posting errors, including anything that could not be posted to QuickBooks and needs review.
QuickBooks integration with RouteStar screenshot


QuickBooks Integration

Control how RouteStar Solutions integrates with QuickBooks. From the QuickBooks Dashboard, you can control what transactions sync between QuicKBooks and RouteStar and vice versa.

  • Set a default Chart of Accounts –  Select where your deposits go and to which Accounts Receivable account.
  • Choose a default QuickBooks Template to use when posting invoices. 
  • Control what items and item types sync with QuickBooks.


Always know the status of your invoices.

As drivers complete invoices, the status of those invoices will appear on your invoice list as completed, posted or pending.

You have the ability to post invoices one by one or by batch. Any invoices completed will post directly to QuickBooks. 

Each time QuickBooks syncs with RouteStar, any pending customers, items, payments, etc., will sync between QuickBooks and RouteStar and vice versa.

invoice list with status


Quickly Add A New Customer.

New customers can be created directly from RouteStar into QuickBooks. This feature is also accessible from the field using the the mobile solution.

new customer account entry screen

Our Money Back Guarantee

A request for a refund must be submitted prior to the 30-day anniversary of your purchase date to your Sales Representative. Requests directed to other contact addresses or phone calls are not accepted for cancellation. You are obligated to make arrangements for one of our support engineers to uninstall the software prior to your 30-day anniversary. Please note, that before receiving money back you are obligated to allow one of our customer support engineers access to your system to uninstall the software and all related files from your PC’s and server.

Your further use of the software will be regarded as illegal unless you obtain a license again. Once the software is successfully uninstalled, the refund owed will be applied within 30 business days. We also believe that most refunds can be avoided. Please contact our qualified staff and you will get professional assistance in any technical issue you have faced with while installing/configuring the software. If you are not happy with our products or services for any reason, you are always welcome to send us your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the software or services we offer. We will do the best we can to ensure you are totally satisfied with our software and customer service.