The Mobile Solution. 

Be both paperless and efficient while in the field.

The Mobile Solution makes it fast and efficient for your drivers in the field to complete their stops.

Task List

View todays invoices, including open service calls, work orders for dispatch and reminders.

Invoice List

View invoices created through your customer portal/online ordering, view pre-call orders entered by sales people or office staff, view invoices you have entered on site.

Time Tracking

Track lapse time on-site to determine how long the driver spends servicing a stop. From the invoice details, with one click the driver can call ahead to speak with a customer.

Invoice Processing

Line items can be updated with new quantities and new items can be added. The drivers can take pictures, enter departure times, accept payments and request signatures.

Sign, Email & Complete

Once an invoice is signed and completed it can be sent directly to the customer as a .pdf via email and will also be viewable on the Customer Portal once it has been posted to QuickBooks™.

Warehouse & Truck Inventory

Load inventory from warehouse, add group of items to truck or load moving averages. Add, subtract items or transfer items from truck or warehouse to another truck or warehouse.


Customize your mobile solution to be unique to your company.

Change what displays on your mobiles devices so that your driver sees only what you want them to see



Invoice Details.

From the invoice detail the driver can email an invoice to the customer or click on phone number to call customer and let them know they are in route.

Any notes attached to this invoice can be seen by the driver. Drivers can add items to the invoice, view pricing or load customer pricing from the customer detail.

If drivers are using bar code scanner, they have the ability to scan a bar code to add an item directly to an invoice.


Line items.

By clicking on an invoice line item, the driver can view the history for that item, the last time the item was purchased, last purchase quantity, etc.

line items on the mobile


Truck & Warehouse Inventory.

See what's on a drivers truck at any given moment. From the mobile, the driver has the ability to open his warehouse and load his truck based on specific criteria.

The driver can add a group of items or by moving averages which looks at all stops due the day, calculates moving averages for each of the customers items and determines what should be loaded on the truck.

Drivers can also transfer items from a truck or warehouse to another truck or warehouse and print reports showing activity for the day.



Route Schedule.

From the Route Schedule the driver can click on a stop and map to that location, create a task, view open invoices. They can drill down on the invoice to view details, clock in and track time on job, collect payments and more. 

Our Money Back Guarantee

A request for a refund must be submitted prior to the 30-day anniversary of your purchase date to your Sales Representative. Requests directed to other contact addresses or phone calls are not accepted for cancellation. Refunds within 30 days of purchase will be for the initial subscription of RouteStar Solutions and any unused training time that was purchased.

We believe that most refunds can be avoided. Please contact our customer success department, [email protected] for assistance on any technical issues you are experiencing or for any potential changes you would like to see in RouteStar Solutions.